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2021 Bylaws

Fairfield Atlantic Little League 2021 By-Laws

Managers/Coaches/Player Conduct:

1.     Managers and coaches shall be attired as required within the Official Regulation & Playing Rules rule 1.11. Shorts may be worn but no sandals or flip flops.

2.     Each practice and/or game shall have a rostered manager or coach present.

3.     Any manager or coach who refuses to comply with Official Regulation & Playing Rules – Rule 4.07 following an ejection shall be subject to disciplinary review. Rule 4.07 is defined as “When a manager, coach or player is ejected from a game, they shall leave the field immediately and take no further part in that game. They may not sit in the stands and may not be recalled. A manager or coach ejected from a game must not be present at the game site for the remainder of the game. Any manager, coach or player ejected from a game is suspended for his or her team’s next physically played game and may not be in attendance at the game site from which they were suspended. This includes pregame and postgame activities.” The game site is defined as 100 feet from the fenced in field.

4.     Failure by a manager to notify the Player Agent of the continued absence of a player may result in disciplinary action against the manager. (Continued absence is defined as unexcused absence of two or more consecutive games or 3 consecutive practices) Notification of player agent must be made within 5 days after the absences have occurred. An unexcused absence is defined as no call/no show/no contact. If a manager fails to inform the Player Agent and a vacancy occurs the Player Agent and Manger will select the replacement player for that team from the wait list first. In the event of no wait list players available, the player will be selected from the next lower division. If the Player Agent and Manger do not select the replacement player, the President will. In the event a player chooses not to move up, the player is ineligible to move to another team or division for the remainder of the season.

5.     If the Manager properly notifies the Player Agent of a vacancy, then the Manager along with the Player Agent will have one week to select a replacement player.

6.     Yelling “SWING” in any division is prohibited. You may cheer for your team but not against the other team, for example no yelling “hey batter, batter”. No yelling at a defensive or offensive player or escalated noises while the pitcher is in motion.

7.     Players, Coaches, Managers and spectators will not taunt a player, Manager/Coach, Board Members or Umpire. If this action occurs, you can be asked to leave the little league premises. Failure to do so may result in police notification. In the event of poor sportsmanship/parent conduct, the game will be stopped and both teams will go to the dugout. The game will not resume until the behavior stops. If the game resumes and the behavior starts again, the offending team will forfeit the game taking a loss.

8.     Spectators are not allowed to stand behind the dugouts, backstops, distract or interfere with Scorekeepers at the score table. There is to be no coaching or cheering from the score table Pitcher Counter and Scorekeeper are game officials and must remain impartial. Warning’s will be issued on the First offense to the team Manager, after 1 warning Disciplinary action will be taken against the Manager.

9.     Food and Drinks are prohibited on the playing fields. Beverages in cups or plastic bottles are allowed in the dugout. Each team will sweep their dugout, clean their bullpen and clean their spectator’s stands after every game. Seeds and gum are prohibited in the dugouts or playing fields. Violations will be handled by the discipline committee.

10.  In the event of an injury to a fielder during a play where the injured player cannot continue the play, the ball will be considered dead. The base runner(s) will be awarded one additional base from where they were at the time of the injury. The umpire or a present board member (that does not have a child playing in the game) will determine if the injured player can continue to play or needs to be removed from the game.

11.  Minimum Play rule violations will lead to discipline of the Manager and/or Coaches. If a minimum play rule violation occurs whether intentional or not the affected player will play the complete game (up to 6 innings) of the next game attended by the affected player. *Exception to this is if the game is shortened for some reason. If the game is shortened and minimum play was not achieved, then the player will start the next game and finish the prior games missing outs or at bats in addition to complete the minimum play for that current game. Mangers will be suspended upon 2nd infraction.

12.  The expectation of the coaches and managers is to set up and clean up before and after every game, including Saturday games. Home team sets up and visiting team tears down. This includes raking the dirt and watering the mound. Violations will be handled by the disciplinary committee.

13.  Managers and Coaches are not permitted to use Little League facilities, including designated practice fields, for practice for Non-Little league teams.

14.  Managers and Coaches are required to make sure players are outfitted in the league issued jerseys and caps.

15.  All male players are required to wear cups during practices and games.

Divisional Issues:

1.     A 9-year-old player will not be required to move up to the Major Division. There is a maximum of one 9-year-old per Major team.

2.     If the parents of a 10-year-old player do not allow that player to move up, he/she will be placed in the Minor draft.

3.     In order to be deemed a safety issue and remain in a lower division, the player agent will meet after tryouts and come to a mutual agreement on a per case basis.

4.     Majors and Minor Division must adhere to rule 4.05 for base coaches. Each team will have 1 manager and 2 coaches of record plus one alternate coach, that alternate coach may not replace a suspended manager or coach. Those are the only adults allowed on the field or in the dugout during games. Rule 4.05 is defined as “The offensive team shall station two base coaches on the field during its time at bat, one near first base and one near third base. The coaches shall not leave their respective dugouts until the pitcher has completed his/her preparatory pitches to the catchers. Base coaches shall (1) be eligible players in the uniform of their team; a manager and/or coach. Both base coaches may be managers or coaches. (2) be a manger or coach only if there is at least one other adult manager or coach in the dugout. (3) remain within the base coaches’ boxes at all times, except as provided in Rule 7.11 (4) talk to members of their team only. An offending base coach shall be removed from the base coach’s box.

5.     Farm Division is highly instructional & may have up to 5 coach’s background checked with a combination of four coaches/managers on the field at a time.  The fifth background check is the alternate coach. The alternate coach can only be on the field/dugout in a coach’s absences. When the team is playing offense a coach/manager will be in each coach’s box. A coach/manager/team mom must be in the dugout at all times. When a team is playing defense a coach/manager will be stationed behind the catcher to speed up the game but must not aide in a play or touch a live ball. While on defense you can have up to 2 coach/managers in the field of play for instructional purposes. The 4th coach/manager/team mom must be in the dugout at all times helping with game play and player conduct. The coach/managers in the field of play may not touch players to aide them in a play or touch a live ball.

6.     When a team is playing offense, a coach/manager will pitch overhand from the bottom of the mound (Where the mound meets the playing field) in a manner that insures proper swinging form.


Farm Rules

1.     Every Player “Must” play an infield position at least 2 inning per game in the regular season and every player “Must” play an infield position at least 1 inning per game in tournament play.

2.     Every player “Must” play a minimum of 2 inning per game per Little League rules.

3.     Infield Positions: 1B, 2B, 3B, SS and Pitcher.

4.     Outfield Positions: Catcher, LF, LC, RC and Right Field.

5.     The Manager has discretion to keep the same player at first base and pitcher for safety reasons.

6.     Outfielders “Must” be positioned at least 5 feet behind the infield dirt at the time of each pitch.

7.     Infielders “Must” be positioned on the infield dirt or no more than two steps onto the infield grass at the time of each pitch.

8.     It is rule for the coaches to stay on the bottom of the mound (the edge of the pitching circle). 

9.      All pitches must be thrown overhand!

10.   The pitcher must have a least one foot on the dirt around the mound while the ball in being pitched.

11.   Continuous batting order will be used in a games.  Half inning change will be made at 3 outs, 5 runs scored or all players have batted.

12.   If a base runner(s) are “Not More” than half way to the next base when the pitcher obtains possession of the ball and within the infield grass, the runner(s) must return to the previous base(s).  

13.   If there is an over-throw to first base, the runner is allowed to take one base only.  If on the throwback to the pitcher is overthrown, the runner may take extra base(s) until the pitcher obtains possession of the ball in the infield grass.

14.  A new inning cannot be started after 1 hour and 45 minutes from the start of the game.

15.   In the final inning of the game, the 5 run rule “Does not” apply.  To end the final inning, 3 outs must be made or the hitting team can go 1 full rotation of through their lineup.


17.   Batters will have 5 pitches to put the ball into play.  Strikes are only foul balls or swing and misses.  3 strikes and the batter is out.  On the 5th pitch, if they foul the ball off they continue to hit until they put the ball into play, swing and miss or do not swing at all.


7.     For both Majors and Minors Divisions the home team will provide the official scorekeeper. This scorekeeper will use the league provided book and sit at the score keeping table. The visiting team will provide the official pitch counter. The pitch counter will sit at the scorekeepers table as well. Special circumstances can allow a change of responsibility. At the end of each half inning the two will compare and balance the pitch count. For any discrepancies that can’t be reconciled, the game should be stopped, the umpire and both mangers should be notified of the issue. If no agreement can be reached a protest can be submitted. When play is resumed it shall continue under the agreed upon pitch count or that of the pitch counter/scorekeeper. Once the next half inning begins and no issues were brought to the attention of the umpires and managers. The recollide pitch count becomes official and may not be protested.

8.     In Majors and Minors both managers and one umpire must sign the official score book and pitch count sheet.

9.     Majors Division consists of league age 9 – 12 year old with a maximum of one 9 year old per team with the 9 year old parents’ approval. Minors Division consists of league age 7 – 11 year old (12 year old waivers exception.) 7 year olds require parent approval and 12 year old must have league/district approval and or follow Little League 12 year old waiver rules. 12 year old cannot pitch in the minors division. Farm Division consists of league age 6 – 9. T-Ball consists of league age 4 – 6.

10.  No movement or replacement of players after the May 1 unless the affected team drops below 10 players.

11.  In the Minor Division only one offensive time out per inning.

12.  In the Minor Division, managers will make defensive substitutions before the start of the third inning.

13.  Major Managers will make substitutions no later than the top of the fourth inning. Defensive Sub must be inserted no later than the fourth inning.

14.  If a player is not playing in a game on a Majors or Minors team, the reason must be written in the official scorebook & the player agent must be notified prior to the official start of the game.  If the player agent is not available, the manager must notify the Board Member of the Day.

15.  A manager may not bench (when a player does not meet minimum play requirement) a player without appropriate player agent approval and the opposing manager must be notified and given a reason why. If the player agent is not on site, the manager may notify the president or vice president and then notify the player agent later.

16.  The major’s division will be utilizing the drop third strike rule 6.05b. To clarify this rule a batter becomes eligible to advance to first base on a dropped third strike when there are less than two outs and first base is not occupied. If two outs first base can be occupied.

17.  For the drop third strike rule, it is the umpires’ discretion to call the batter out when he/she does not attempt to advance to first.

18.  Failure to remove a pitcher who has reached his/her maximum number of pitches required by league age or use of an ineligible pitcher is basis for protest. Violations protested or brought to the Board of Directors attention, shall result (by action of the Disciplinary Committee) in the suspension of the team’s manager for the next 2 scheduled games, even if those games are played at the tournament level. Additional penalties (up to and including forfeiture of a game and/or disqualification of the team, managers, or coaches from further participation) may be imposed if, in the opinion of the Disciplinary Committee:

A)   A manager or coach takes any action that results in making a travesty of the game, or;

B)   Team fails to meet minimum requirements of this rule more than once during the season

C)   Manager willfully and knowingly disregards the requirements of this rule. A manager or coach suspended for any reason is not permitted to be at the game site and must not take part in the game, nor have any communications whatsoever with any persons at the game site. This includes pregame and postgame activities. Violation may result, by action of the Board of Directors, in further suspension; forfeiture of a game; and/or disqualification of the team, managers, or coaches from further participation.

League Setup:

1.     The Disciplinary committee shall be made up of the, Vice President, Coaching Coordinator, the appropriate Player Agent, Safety officer, and the Umpire in Chief. If any of these individuals have a conflict of interest another Board Member will take their place. The Secretary will be present to take notes.

2.     The Vice President and Coaching coordinator do not vote when a coach is being disciplined. The Vice President and Player Agent do not vote when a player is being disciplined.

3.     Game site is defined as any area within 100 feet of the Fairfield Atlantic Little League Fences.

4.     In the event of a suspended game, the Board will maintain the original official score sheet pending resumption of the game.

5.     All protest will be handled by the Disciplinary Committee.

6.     General membership applications will be accepted, and payment must be received by the last registrations. If a new player registers after tryouts the parents will be offered a membership packet. A new player is defined as a player not register in the prior baseball season.

7.     Volunteer Fee/Fundraising Fee: At the time of registration, parents are given the opportunity to buyout of the mandatory fundraiser. If they choose not to participate in the league fundraiser and did not pay the fundraiser buyout fee at time of registration, the league will have the ability to determine the amount refundable from the volunteer fee. If the volunteer commitment is not fully satisfied the volunteer fee will be forfeited to the league.


1.     For Minors: All experienced (experience is defined as having had at least one year in a farm division or minor division) 9 and 10 year olds not participating in tryouts will be placed in a blind pool for the minor draft. A manager will be allowed to draw from the hat in lieu of picking a draft selection. The hat pick will start with the last two rounds or after all players age 9 and 10 that have tried out are gone. All 10 year olds must be drafted and any player having already played in the minor division must be drafted. The remaining 9 year olds that were not selected from the hat will go to farm. All 7 and 8 year olds that were not selected will go to farm.

2.     For Majors: All major players must try out. Any that do not try out will be placed on the major wait list. If a Major team loses a player and there is a 12 year old on the wait list, the 12 year old must be selected first. When making a selection from the wait list, the manager in need of a player and the major player agent will conduct a try out of eligible players.

3.     Once the Major and Minor draft is completed, a replacement list (wait list) will be created of players eligible to play in either the Minor or Major division. When selecting a replacement player they must be selected from this list before pulling from a lower division. One list for the Majors and one list for the Minors will be created. The Major and Minor player agents will be in charge of creating these lists. A team can only lose two players pulled up to a higher division until all other teams have lost a player. Selection process for the minor wait list goes in order of first come, first serve.

4.     Drafts are HIGHLY confidential. During the Draft there is NO Media, Phones, Photos or hard copy to leave the room. There is to be no discussion outside of the draft room about events that took place. Discussion of the actual draft may result in disciplinary action. No trades will be made once the managers leave the draft room. Any Violation of the aforementioned rules will result in mangers suspension of the 1st game.

Games & Practices:

1.     Practices may not exceed 2.5 hours.

2.     During game days, there is no practicing/warming up in the grass near the restrooms or between the fields.

3.     Games will have a two hour time limit on the weekend starting from the first pitch being thrown. A game will be called at sunset for darkness. No new inning will start after one hour and 50 minutes time limit and any started inning will be completed unless umpire calls the game. If the umpire calls the game the score will revert back to the last complete inning.

4.     The Minor Division shall be allowed in the 6th inning for each team be given the opportunity to continuously bat until 3 outs are made.

5.     Ties: If a game is still tied after 2 hours or darkness is reached, the game shall continue to be played another time if needed to determine standings.  This does not include interleague play.

6.     For Majors and Minors interleague games count towards record if every FALL team play the same opponents equally. If not, interleague games do not count towards the record.

7.     The First-place team in the Majors and Minors division will automatically move on to TOCs, the Board will determine if the second-place teams in either division will advance to TOCs. Teams will be seeded according to their finish in the regular season standings. In case of a tie, head to head record will break the tie. If there is still a tie, a one game play-off will be played.

8.     Make up games will be scheduled as soon as possible by the player agent. A team that agrees to a date but fails to show for the make-up game will forfeit that game.

9.     To ensure maximum participation in league events, teams shall not practice 1 hour prior to and/or after a league event. Events include but are not limited to: Fundraisers, Ceremonies, Clinics, Field Maintenance Days; or any other event designated by the board.

10.  Official and complete game are defined by division:

Division Official Games Complete Games

T-Ball: 1 Hour

Farm: 4 innings 6 innings 2 hours

Minors: 4 innings 6 Innings 2 hours

Majors: 4 innings 6 innings 2 hours

*3.5 innings if home team is winning by 10 runs or more.

All Star Selection:

1.     The 1st Place Major Manager will have the First Option of a Team. Managers will be selected for 9/10 and 10/11 year old Teams by 2nd Place Major and 1st Place Minor Managers and or Coaches Board approval is required Managers may select their coaches.

2.     Player Selection: The All Star teams are intended to represent the best players available to put together competitive team to play in post season play.

3.     There will be up to three age groups representing the League All Stars. The Board will decided based on the numbers of players at All Star tryouts which eligible age groups will make up the teams that will represent Fairfield Atlantic for All Stars. The following are the age groups for All Stars:

12-11    year old All Stars, 11-10 year old All Stars, 10-8 year old All Stars

4.     The 11/12 year old All Star team will select its players first, followed by the 8/9/10 All Star team and then the 10/11 All Star team. In the event that not all three eligible age groups are represented at All Stars, prior to team selection, the Board will determine the draft order for All Star age groups.

5.     14 players maximum can be on each of the All Star teams of which the manager decides how many players to roster. For each season, the All-Star Manager will decide how many players to carry on the roster, with a minimum of 12.

6.     Each All Star Team will be selected by their appointed mangers via a draft. Selections of All Star players will be based upon abilities displayed at an open All Star tryout and also each players in season performance.  

7.     The final All Star rosters must be approved by the Board and may not be announced until the time Little League Rule Book allows. If early announcement is made, the entire All-Star team could be disqualified by District 53 and Little League International.

**Any and All rules not specified herein the By-Laws, shall be governed by Official Little League rules.


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